How Do You Get Them to STOP Setting in the Winter?

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Jan 24, 2009
Randolph, NY
I have silkies and cochins, as well as several barred rock hens. I don't mind the BRs laying during the winter because I use and sell those eggs, but I really don't want the silkies and cochins to waste energy on setting during the wintertime, nor do I want chicks at this time of year. Is there any way to stop them from setting, short of just removing any eggs (assuming I can find them all!)? I had thought that once the daylight hours were shorter, they'd stop laying but they seem to be continuing with pretty heavy egg production. I'm running a red brood lamp in the hen house just for heat over the drinker. Is that encouraging them to keep laying? I really would rather have my flock come through the winter in good condition so they can go into full production in the spring, than have them spending energy on setting that they probably would better use to keep warm.
Not sure how to stop them but the light will keep the lighted hours in a day extended so maybe try cutting off the light.

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