How do you get your chickens to the chicken tractor?

Raisins, my girls would follow me inside a KFC. All I have to do is shake the box and if they can here it , they come running. They like sweets. Berries, grapes, raisins...
I do work on them to come with "here chickie chickie chickie" and meal worms. I'm going to try and incorporate "home" and "out". Maybe "play" can be used for the tractor area. I'm not sure how much of a distance I can go with them following, before they break away, will need to test.
Berries/raisins/sugar is like crack. They can not let's the others get their Crack. They come at a dead run form any distances. I shake the box, drop two raisins on the ground and its on. Open the door to the coop and throw a handful in. Maybe one or two on the low end of the pecking order don't rush in but I drop a raisin and pick her up.

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