How do you give vitamins?

Hi there,
I have been giving my sick chick the Poly-Vi-Sol without Iron by putting a drop into the tip of the beak and waiting for it to get swallowed.
Is there a particular reason you want to give your chick vitamins?
No not at this time but just want to know, I always like to be prepared! I am having some issues right now and I may need to know this!! Do you have to peel that little tiny beak open, if you just put it on the tip wouldn't it run in the little nostrils?

If you gently apply pressure at the joint of the jaw they will open it up for you. I just let a drop fall off the dropper into the bottom beak.
I had to tube feed two of my babies but I am fortunate to have experience in tube feeding. It's not something I would recomend unless you have done it before or someone can show you.
My babies (3-4 week olds) started getting sick on me and I lost a few before I opted for the tube feeding. I just started the vitamins 2 days ago on one of my two survivors(I had 6 get sick out of 27). She is very wobbly on her feet and her head bobs all around. She is finally eating and drinking on her own but I don't know if she will ever be normal and rejoin the flock. My only other survior has moved back in with his peers and is doing well.
Good luck and keep us posted.

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