How do you hold/pick up a chicken?


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Mar 5, 2011
This probably sounds like a stupid question, but we are getting 8 chickens soon for the first time, so, how do you pick up or hold a chicken?
Thank you!!!!
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no stupid questions:

from the front of the chicken scoop up with your hand under the breastbone

if you are asking about chicks, there are some great threads on here about getting the chickens
used to you, approaching slowly etc. you might want to look up.

just don't run/chase after

once your chickens are used to you some may come and jump up into your lap for some special attention.
Thank you!
Ive actually made it so when my Leghorn sees me coming shell stop and let me pick her up. I held her a lot when i got her cause sh was my first leghorn. And when i put her with my other flock they pecked at her, made her bleed and b the time i got out to see her, half of her wing was gone and the bone was showing. So i paid extra attention to her as she healed.

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