How do you keep Guineas off your car?


11 Years
Oct 1, 2008
North Carolina
We don't have a garage, and the Guineas have been flying on top of my wife's new truck. She's not happy about that.
If you find a solution without penning them up... I would like to know. We have guinea fowl and peafowl that are on our vehicles all of the time. What is sad, is some people don't come over just for that reason.
They must like the shiny. Mine have never gotten on any of our vehicles (nothing new and shiny on this farm!). Now my roof...the other day I thought I had rats running in the attic, then I went outside and realized it was guineas running back and forth.
Maybe she could put a tarp over it?? It's the shininess that they like. Guineas like their reflection.

Yours are on her car. Mine are on my roof, the roof to my parrot house, the barn...etc. LOL!!!


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