How do you keep pigs


Free Ranging
6 Years
Mar 5, 2017
hi I have nine hens and one rooster and I’m wanting to get something to go with my chickens another farm animal but I don’t know which one to get I want a animal that I can have just one and I think a pig might go good with my chickens but I’ve never had a pig before and don’t know anything about them can someone give me some tips and if you have a animal in mind fill free to let me know thanks
Again, you need to get a book and I think Storey has one on hogs too. A word of warning. Your pigs may well eat your chickens if they get a chance.
I have two pigs in the run with my chooks. I have had zero problems. They get along great. The pigs are very entertaining. Sometimes they charge through a group of chickens just to watch them scatter. Hilarious to watch.
Be careful when your purchasing pigs. Some people claim that they are selling mini pigs when they are really full-size. Ask to see the parents.
My pigs mainly eat the chicken feed and corn. I give them peanuts sometimes and hog feed rarely. They both sleep in a little dog house together.
Pigs get along with the chickens until they don't. You may never have any problems. Then again, one day a pig may decide it wants a snack of chicken nuggets.

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