How do you make a chicken drink???

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    May 16, 2011
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    I need to worm the girls again and unless I take them (each!) to a vet and pay a consult fee I can't buy decent wormer so I'm stuck with something I have to add to their drinking water. (Kilverm - active ingredient is Levamisole).

    The girls went on a drinking strike today - I only put out 500ml of water (with the wormer in it) and they didn't drink more than a sip each. This was after I took their water away 2 hours before sundown yesterday to make sure they'd be thirsty. Then it blimmin rained so of course they're drinking out of muddy puddles and still ignoring the medicated water.

    Since I don't have the option to dose them individually is there another way to get them to drink it?

    Can I perhaps use the medicated water to make up some (uncooked) oatmeal? Or soak bread in it?
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    Withhold their water and feed for 24 hours. Place the treated water out the next morning when you let them out of their coop....they'll be thirsty and drink the water. Once they've drank the water, feed them.

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