how do you open a quail egg?


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Aug 29, 2013
Could you share your techniques of cracking open a quail's egg for eating - I always seem to get a bit of shell in my omelettes.

How to best cook quail eggs hard-boiled so you can peel them without losing half of the egg white sticking to the shell?



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I found that if you use the tip of a sharp knife and cut a slit around the center of the egg, and cut thru the membrane, (cut about 1/4 inch) you can open it just like a chicken egg. You have to be delicate with it, but with practice of first cutting the egg open, you can crack them open easily for cooking. :)

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Jan 6, 2013
No idea what you're doing but I just crack mine like a normal egg

I wish my eggs "just crack like a normal egg". The membrane is a little thicker than a chicken egg.

How I crack quail eggs is I gently crack the egg along the center and take a sharp knife and cut the membrane and let the contents fall into a small glass bowl. The reason I use a glass bowl is any shell that breaks free will fall to the bottom, and it is easier to see any shells by looking from underneath the bowl. I also don't mind the extra calcium, so if it's small piece I let it go. Sunday morning, I will have a guilt free 9 quail egg omlett (no cheese), and my wife cooks four of them medium sunny side down. One of our regular members found a nice item that is shown here on U-toob. I'm going to find them online one day.

When I first started hard boiling eggs, I did a google search and found this site. This is how I make them, and I usually do 2 dozen at a time. But this morning I searched this forum, and found this, but so many members have their "own way" and it can be confusing as to which way is right.


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Jun 14, 2013
I have an old pair of hair scissors (small and very sharp) that I use. It's easy to poke a hole in the side and then cut around the egg. (My quail have just hatched and I haven't had my own eggs yet, but a friend had given me a large batch of eggs some months ago, which is why I decided to get my own quail.)

All right, I just watched the video of the quail egg cutter on youtube, so I went into Amazon and bought a pair. They are $16.58 with free shipping for prime members. I'm looking forward to getting them in!
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Apr 30, 2013
oohhh I really need a pair of those quail egg scissors

like above I have been using small tip sharp scissors but I still git a bit of shell from time to time
the membrane on mine are very thick.


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Nov 6, 2010
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I also use the quail cutters. I got mine off Amazon (left a review, even, which is unusual for me). Works like a charm. Peeling them is another matter. That membrane is so tough. I let the eggs get a couple of weeks old before boiling or steaming, and that helps, but they still don't always look pretty.

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