How do you regulate the temp in the 3122 WaferThermostat Complete?


12 Years
May 27, 2009
I ordered the 3122 Wafer Thermostat Complete replacement incubator heater last summer and am having problems regulating the temperature. It will stay at 100 for a couple of days and then spike to 102.

This is day 21 for my eggs and I am hoping they have not been baked alive. Do you the bracket clockwise or counter clockwise to cool it down?
I'd just leave it alone and see if they hatch when they are supposed to. If not then cooler if to soon, doubting if they are chicken and it's day 21 that that is the case. Warmer if day 22. Of course cooler if not at all but doubting 102 will do them in. Spiking is normal with wafers. If you are going by the thermometer provided then there is a pretty good chance it may not be accurate anyway. This far into it just let the hatch time tell you the story on temp.

As for adjustment if needed next time, clockwise is hotter. Since it is normal for them to cycle on at the adjusted temp then off 2 degrees higher is why i suggest letting the hatch tell you where you need to be. If it's a still air model 100-102 is going to be about as good as you are going to get most likely. If forced 99-101 would probably be a little better. I know that's not the ideal 99.5-100 but you have to work within the limitations of your unit.
Good luck.

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