How do you sell your eggs?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by SingingTomato, Feb 19, 2016.

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    Hi folks --

    Our little backyard flock gives us anywhere from 1 dozen to 8 dozen eggs per week. On slow weeks we eat them all, but on busier weeks we get more than we can handle and end up selling them. I'd guess we sell about 75 dozen per year. The problem I'm having is that, at that scale, it's kind of a pain to sell them. We've got a local "farmers market" group on Facebook where people post their excess harvest of all sorts of food, but selling eggs a dozen at a time on Facebook is barely worth the trouble, by the time I've vetted replies, exchanged contact information, and arranged a pickup time.

    I'd really love to just have a few regular customers, but I've had trouble keeping regulars because our yield is so irregular. I'd also love to sell them at a farmers market, but our local markets are crowded and require a larger commitment than I can make at this stage (maybe later, when I'm selling a lot more veggies too).

    Anyway, I just thought I'd ask here to see what other people do to sell small quantities of eggs without making themselves crazy. Any suggestions?

    Another idea I've had recently was to form some sort of "backyard eggs collective" with other people in my area, where we all contribute our eggs to a single farmers market booth, and $1/dozen goes to the person staffing the booth. That would help us keep a steady supply and get regular customer. But it's also a lot of work to set something like that up, and not the best yield.
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    Are you on any of the NM Facebook pages? I know there were posts about a food swap in ABQ.

    I just sell or usually trade extra eggs for cartons, plywood, tomatoes, whatever with neighbors. When I lived in CA, I could always sell them at work.

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