how do you set up your ponds/swimming areas? need ideas lets share!


8 Years
May 14, 2012
As waterfowls love water i thought i would make this thread to share thoughts and ideas on how to make some cool swimming areas for your birds.

please post pictures and share ideas!

so let me start:

i have an Extra large coop and i can no longer allow my geese and ducks to roam as the locals have not been very good about controlling their dogs and altering their cats i have lost a few birds this way this year.

< the side of the coop i plan to fence off for my waterfowl is the right and side wise it is 8 ft or so tall 10ft wide and roughly 15 ft long..

i intend to dig a pond out so that it goes from shallow to deep water then use sodium bentonite and porous soil to seal in the dirt pond.

my concern is how i will clean it? do you have any plant or fish reccomendations or ideas for easy draining to make it easier to clean? and how deep do you believe it needs to be?

this area will house 3 geese and 3 ducks .

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