How do you ship?

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    How do you ship eggs and package them. Also how do you get the money??
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    Most people ship the eggs through the USPS. They use the priority service, as it "should" only take 2-3 business days to arrive to the customer.
    On you can get free priority shipping boxes for the eggs. You will also need bubble wrap and tape. Some people wrap each egg in bubble wrap and tape it closed. Then line the bottom of the box with bubble wrap and put in the wrapped up eggs and cover them with another layer of bubble wrap. The main thing to watch when shipping eggs is to make sure they don't move too much in the box and break against each other. But note that no matter how well you pack the eggs if the box is thrown or dropped or crushed or whatever along the shipping route, the eggs could arrive to the buyer damaged. This is why most people who ship eggs, say that once the box leaves their hands they are not responsible if the box arrives to the buyer damaged or the eggs are damaged.

    The way to get the money for the eggs is up to you. Pay Pal is a popular option as it offers both the seller and the buyer a bit of protection if something goes wrong with the transaction and it makes it a little easier to keep track of your orders. In addition to using pay pal, people will accept money orders, postal money orders are the best as once the seller receives the postal money order, they can cash it at the post office at the same time they are dropping off the box to be shipped so they aren't out any money for shipping and it's more covenant than having to go to another place to cash the money order.
    Just as a precaution, I would recommend that if you accept money orders you do NOT ship the eggs until you have the money order in your hands, or pay pal has sent the money to your PP acct. Too many sellers get burned when they try to use the honor system. Not always but if you cant afford to lose money shipping eggs, make sure you have the payment before you ship out the eggs.

    If you use the search funtion on this forum you can find topics on shipping eggs and most wil have pitures to give you a better idea of how they do it.

    All that being said everyone does things differently and some use an egg carton in packing peanuts, there are lots of ways to ship them. But wrapping each egg in bubble wrap seems to be the most used method in my experience. You'll have to use what materials are available to you and what you can afford. Just as long as you give the eggs the best chance to survive shipping.
    Also, when you have set a price for your eggs dont forget to include the cost to ship the box of eggs, the percetage pay pal charges you for receiveing payments and charge a percentage of your packing materials cost. Some people set a price that includes shipping and others set a price in addition to shipping.

    I have seen people on this forum offer "free" eggs if the buyer pays for the meterials and shipping cost in order to test their desired shipping method. So once your ready to try shipping eggs you should have no problem finding members willing to help you test your shipping method.

    I have personally never shipped eggs. I plan to in the future so I have researched it and I have received a few orders of eggs in the mail so my experiance is limited. But I hope I gave you some of the info you are looking for.
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    I ship by "mule-train" and accept payment through Wells Fargo.

    (but, I haven't done any shipping in quite a may be some "new ways" that are maybe a little bit better.)

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