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    Ok today was our first attempt at free-ranging. Went pretty good. Dog didn't eat them. [​IMG] (but she wanted to!) Tessy my "special needs" chick had trouble getting out of the run. There's about an 5 inch step-up and she doesn't step up very well (either would you if you head was under your chest-pics to follow shortly)

    Question is, how do I get them back in the run? Was starting to thunder and I needed to get in the house before it busted loose. Did the thing with a bit of cracked corn, "chiiiiiiiick, chiiiiiiiiick, chiiiiiiick. Yeah right they looked at me like I was crazy. "We are free and not going back!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Had to do a slow walk around the run to try to heard them back into it. Got some in, had to try to keep those in while rounding up the others.

    Anybody got an easier way?
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    I hand feed my babes strawberries and they will come from near and far to get a bite of one. Try hand feeding them a special treat in their run, so they will associate the treat with the run. Good luck! I hope some more people add their suggestions.
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    Apr 5, 2007
    I can't really remember how to do it with untamed chicks. Mine go back in when I tell them to usually. Ocassionally I have to call them and tell them I have food (only when I do, of course, wouldn't do to trick them), but usually I only have to either call them to me and put them in or just tell them 'Go in the house' and they will. I'd recommend taming them somewhat and teaching them to come when you call and eat out your hand while they're in the pen if you have time.
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    Make the "brrreeet!!" danger noise chickens use and head towards them. They may think you're crazy and do nothing, but it may work! [​IMG]
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    Well, gee, Mom! It's their first day out! Would you want to have to go back in on your first day?? It's going to take time to train them. The only time mine ever get scratch or treats is in their run. I might have a bucket full of kitchen scraps but they don't get to taste them until they come in the run. Always. That's why when I take a bucket and head for the run they usually beat me in. [​IMG] After a while of only being fed in the run they'll get to where when you call them they will go on in. But it takes time and you have to be consistent.

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