How do yours eat BOSS?


Feb 22, 2008
Kingman, AZ
I recently started giving my EE hen BOSS for a treat. It took her several days to try them, but now she really goes for them.

She breaks them open and then eats the broken seed bits. It takes her quite a while, which is OK for now since she is my only adult. I guess I expected her to eat them whole and let the gizzard take care of the hull. I'm curious-do all chickens eat them that way? I'm afraid she may miss out when my chicks are grown and get in on the act, as she was the bottom of the pecking order until a dog got the rest.
I think that's cute. A chicken with table manners.

Later on maybe you could seperate her at treat time so she can enjoy her seeds while everyone else is gulping theirs down.

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