How does a hen change when it turns broody?

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    How does a hen's personality change when she goes broody and how are you supposed to act so as not to offend it or mess with it any more then you have to? Do you have to make sure it eats and drinks, or do you just make it avalible and assume she will stay nurished?

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    Have you heard of Dr. Jeckyl and Mr Hyde??

    they will puff and GROWL at you, and anything else that get too near.

    She will get off the nest usually once a day leave a pile of poo that looks like you own a large dog. She will grab a bite of food a drink, quick bath(sometimes) then run back to the nest. The whole time she will be puffed up giving the get out of my way clucking.

    One word of caution the other hens will not be so scared as to not climb in the nest and give her extra eggs to hatch. [​IMG]
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    May 24, 2007
    Most hens will 'growl' and puff up at you when you come near them. Some will peck/bite - mine haven't pecked me yet. I gently lift my broodies once a day to check for eggs that aren't supposed to be under them and remove those eggs.

    I have heard of broodies literally dieing on their clutch because they refused to get off and get something to eat or drink. But, most broodies will take a quick break once a day and to do that. Last year I wasn't seeing my broody leave so I would take food and water to her - and she'd take it. I felt better knowing she was actually eating and drinking.
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    Here are a few videos of my broody hen on youtube to give you an idea lol

    This one is her outside to go poop which she required everyday, she refused to poop in her next or even right outside it.

    She was actually quite calm for a broody, one of my sweetest girls for sure
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