How does a thread go "sticky"?


8 Years
Jul 25, 2011
Can we nominate a thread to get put in a sticky...I would actually like to nominate my own post if the mods think it is worthy. I had been wondering about a chicken first aid kit, and even saw someone posting to ask about the same thing. I did a LOT of reading on these forums, put together a kit, took photos, and provided links to discussion on the symptoms and dosage for particular medicines. I had several thank me for the info. But soon enough it is gone to the archives.

Anyway, here is the post, if it is worth making sticky...
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IF you think a thread has the best possible info that it should be in the sticky thread at the top of each forum, use the report button and tell us why it should be included. We will review and go from there.
I nominate it for a sticky
It was very helpful and easy to read. I actually think I might copy you (if you don't mind) and create a First Aid kit using this info. Thanks so much for taking the time to make this for us.

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