How does shipping work?

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  1. OK, I know how shipping works, so I guess a better question would be, where exactly are the chicks delivered to when the PO calls you? Is it your local PO, as in, the one for your zip code, or is it the PO that is for your general area and closest to your airport? And does it always work like that, or is it the PO's choice/decision? [​IMG]

    Just want to know where I'll be getting the call from. One PO 5 minutes away, and one is about a half hour away.
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    They should come to the PO that is in the same town as you (regardless of distance). I have a PO that is 2 minutes away, but a different town and another that is 15 minutes away but in my town (they come to the one in my town). I always notify my PO that I am expecting a live package and give them my phone number. Some places will have an airport hub and will call from the hub to see which PO you want them sent to or give you an option to pick them up there. It could go several ways depending on your locale.

  3. Thanks for the info! I'll call my PO tomorrow and see what they say. Hopefully the chicks come there.
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    It depends. I checked with my PO to see how long it takes a package to get from the airport to them. They said it will go to the larger PO in the next town first, and that I could call them to make arrangements to pick up there.
    I also talked to a lady who gets ducks every spring and she said the larger PO called her once and said her ducks were there if she wanted to go get them that night she could or she could wait till next morning when they will be at her local PO. That was just that one time tho.
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    The township I live in doesn't have a post office. A small town up the road has one and I left a message and phone # with them. I expected them to arrive on a Tues. Monday evening the large post office in the city called to let me know they had arrived and said I could pick them up anytime or I could wait till Tues. I made the 20 mile drive to the city and glad I did. The chicks where kept in a shipping warehouse with no heat. It was only 10 degrees out and I feel they would have died. The hatchery had put my phone # on the box with a message to call upon arrival. There are good folks who work at the main post office. John
  6. OK, my post office said that if they are shipped Priority, then they would come to that post office (the one 5 min. from me). And if they are shipped overnight, then they would go to the airport PO first. I called Cackle and they ship the chicks Priority, so it looks like they will be right down the street. I'm relieved! [​IMG]

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