how does the mother hen . . .

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  1. fallenweeble

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    Dec 4, 2007
    raise the humidity at the end of the hatch?

    it's amazing the lengths we have to go to in order to replicate the conditions a hen's butt creates quite naturally!
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  2. Wait a sec , ill go out and ask my chief broody "Fluffy" she is good with these things.

    Some say that there isnt much humidity involved at all but its just sheer body heat.
    My broody rolled her eggs out from under her to cool down as it was so hot this summer. I thought she was tossing them and im so glad I didnt take them away as she rolled them back under her again.
    Some also suggest that you get a fine misty spray bottle and squirt the eggs gently during the final 2 days to soften the eggs under the mum. I dont do it and my brooodies wouldnt like me to do it either!
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    That is a good question. But just think, as we give off body heat we are also giving off moisture. And when we give off a lot of body heat we sweat. Therefore, there is moisture there.....Now I don't know how the hen 'turns up the temp' lol,,, but perhaps she just sits longer that day and doesn't move, therefore capturing all the heat from that day under her and saving it??? Thus, adding more moisture?

    I'm mearly a beginner here, so I could be wrong!
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    You will note that when she gets to the end of a hatch the hen doesn't wander off to eat and drink. She sits tight on those eggs. Staying put and holding in that heat and the moist temp from her body she has raised the humidity under her and around the eggs.
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    Today is day 20 for 9 eggs under the mother. I looked this morning and there is no sign of a pip, crack nothing. Should I be worried? I have noticed she only gets off the nest long enough to poop. I have been hand watering and feeding her for the fast 2 weeks. She is a 1st time mother.

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    I think she knows what is coming and has no stress at the beginning, but round about the 18th day it starts to hit her(think 8 month for humans) that she is about to become a mother, and she starts to worry, will we have enough to eat, will the other chickens make fun of them, what name will I come up with, will the main roo relize that all these are not know typical new mother thoughts, well then the sweat pumps kick in raising the humidity under her making for another successful hatch. And chickens who have very short memorys will stress the same way everytime. Hope this helped, you may scoff and say not very scientific, but it works for me. [​IMG]
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    Oct 13, 2007
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    ya'll are funny and awesome and i love ya!
    thanks for the replies.
  10. Quote:Dont worry, just let mum do her thing!
    Mine hatched out on day 24, I had given up on them!
    You shouldnt see/hear anything till 21 onwards.
    Its an anxious wait I know, but she knows what she is doing, i hope!!
    MD that was really very funny:lau

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