How does this happen?


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May 2, 2012
I made a homemade styrofoam incubator, balanced the temp and hum, put 20 eggs in it (8 from a fridge on a farm), turned them 3-4 times a day, by 10 days I found 2 unfertile eggs. the temp and humidity went hay wire throughout the whole 21 days. I couldn't control it if I had to.
So day 8 I figured, "I won't get more than 10 chicks" so I got 3day olds.
Day 18 I did my best to leave them alone. By day 23 I had 18 chicks in the brooding box for a grand total of 21 chickens in my possession. So how do I rate? with a 100% hatch rate because I didn't want that many. But they are soooooo CUTE!!! all of them. My pullets are in the garage at night and out during the day. I wasn't anticipating my coop was such a desperate need so soon.
I have my plans drawn up but I may have to make it bigger due to my success. Apparently I make an excellent broody hen!
Strange scenario...
We have one named Sheldon. Super cute and I'm assuming he's an Ameraucana by his markings (fridge baby). This poor guy pipped in the small end and couldn't fit his beak back into his shell. After 12 hours and no zipping, I zipped his shell (ever so carefully). 20 hours later he still hadn't moved. He couldn't. He had an extra large egg to grow into and poor guy pipped in the small end?! With the little guy's beak still sticking out and no possible movement, I plucked his shell away from his membrane so careful not to cause bleeding. I was sure he was going to die. As the others hatched every 30 minutes to an hour around him, I plucked them out into the brooder so they didn't bump his membrane. That night I placed him in a damp warm cloth and stuck him in a salsa bowl with someone else's opened shell on his butt so he didn't get damaged. Went to bed, and woke up to a sweet ewok looking little guy staring at me in exhaustion. So regardless of how many chickens I ended up with or how many stick around, Sheldon is my bird. He knows his name and is the first to come running when we come into the room. I believe it's because he knows his story. They little chicky that could.
I'm done. I hope you all enjoyed my story.
Known flock:
3 Barred Rocks
5 Lav Orps
5 Ameraucana
and the rest I have no idea! But I'm going with ewok.
3 Toy Poodles
1 Persian
1 cichlid
1 shark
4 catfish
10 guppies
1 balloon molly
and a snail
I don't plan on keeping roosters and if I do keep one or two I'll be collecting eggs daily. Plus my sister will be taking a few from me too. I'll be sad to see them go when the time comes. = (
Thanks, it was a great experience but I never imagined they would all hatch! Especially with the makeshift incubator! I'm just that good I guess.

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