How early do duck eggs start to rock? HELP HELP!


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8 Years
May 6, 2011
I have 11 Saxony eggs that are due for lockdown on Monday...

I already have 3 out of the 11 that are rocking their eggs! Am I suppose to go on lockdown today??? Or is the rocking normal and just let my humidity and temp be the normal setting?

I'm freakinggggg out cause this is my first time and I haven't read what to do on BYC about this..!

Thank you!
my eggs began rocking on day 21. i was freaked out too!!!!
but then, i got my first pip on day 25. i thought it took 28 days!!
so, they might hatch earlier then you think, because the DAY i began lockdown, they began hatching. they all hatched before day 26.
So do I need to go into lockdown two days early?

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