how else can i make my chickens love me???


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Jun 8, 2010
Laconia NH
hi there! i really love my chickens, i am totally new to chicken farming, but im addicted already. my newest issue is that i want my girls to LOVE me. sounds dumb but does anyone have any good ideas of how to make them a little more friendly? i have 4 nine week old NH reds, and 4 frizzle mixes. the frizzles are only 6 weeks old, and the seem a little sweeter, but besides treats, which no one really gets too excited for, im kind of lost. I just want them to greet me and what not! any ideas?
thanks so much!
They like you more and more with time, but I think it is really food that does it. Our chickens see us bringing the food. I think having an automatic feeder would make it less obvious. Our feeder runs out and the chickens come running when we go with a bucket to refill it. We have hand-fed them sunflower seeds and that seems to make all the birds like us. You might try sunflower seeds when you try Caleb the chicken's suggestion.
Grapes, baby. Slice grapes into quarters and go sit in the pen, brooder, whatever, reading a book, ignoring them. Put a few pieces of grape on your crossed legs. They get curious and will come visit, running away if you try to pet. Don't.

Just sit, and after a few days, you'll be best pals, they'll let you pet them, and they'll com to you- just go slow and bribe!!

If you're a piece of furniture on their level, it speeds up the process.
I agree, sit with them and a few will be more friendly. Out of my 15 mixed birds, I have 4 that will jump into my lap for attention when I sit in the run with them. The others are still pretty aloof. They do all come running when I open their food trash can so food is a big draw.
I don't think that sounds dumb at all!
I want my chooks to love me, too, and am soooo not above bribing them with whatever works!
Conditioning them seems to be the widely accepted method, and I wish you well with your
Bright Blessings
Just curious: is it true, what they say, about Australorps being especially friendly and loving?
This is the breed we have chosen, and they do seem to be, but with no experience in raising them in this closeof quarters, I have nothing to compare them to.
Anyone especially close to an Australorp?
Thanks, in advance!
Bright Blessings
I raised my 4 bo and they are not as cuddly as they were at first . Sit with them and Hand feed them their treets. Mine will now come and take the food from me. Bananas, string cheeese]. anything they have to get from you. they will learn not to hurt your hand getting the food. mine grab and run most of the time.
I also say their names when they eat the food. I am hoping they will learn their names doing this
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