How exactly should air cell in early stage eggs look like? darker or lighter? Also, embryo position?


Nov 15, 2018


Most pics and most information I could find seem to indicate that the air cell should look like a lighter color when candled. However, I can only see the small circles of darker color when I candled my eggs. It looks like the pic above. Is that an air cell?

Thing is, over half of my duck eggs (shipped) are oval shaped, no rounder or pointier end, so I'm not sure which side to point up when placing in incubator. They only have 'air cells' that look like the pic above. If those are not air cells, then I'm not sure where they are.

Also, I'm on day 6 (5 days and 5 hours have passed), and most of my eggs look somewhat like this...


The bottom half (pointier end... in eggs that are egg-shaped) is yellow and the top half is red/orange. Is this ok? (I find it weird that the albumen would be so small... and I would hope to believe that's not the air cell) Also, the center of my red eye and veins seem to be very close to the top, on the same side as the air cell. Is it supposed to be like that? Wouldn't the air contaminate the embryo?

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