How far is far enough???


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Mar 11, 2009
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how far between chicken yards is far enough to keep 2 different flocks??? I am getting new chickens and my flock that I have now was exposed to CRD last year. I want to put the new birds 200 feet away from the girls that are here now. Is that enough space??
As long as their is no contact meaning anything that is transported on clothes shoes etc

Crd generally will only appear again in birds when they are stressed
or things change in the environment since they are carriers

You will always have to make sure you wash between groups or your just back to step one

200 yards seems a ok distance
if the group with the crd are not sneezing or congested it should be fine
Most people that have been incontact with crd generally have a closed flock

Best of luck

btw did you treat the soil when you found that your flock had crd

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