how far will my chickens wander out of my run


11 Years
Mar 16, 2008
hartford county ct
i have 1.5 acres but then my neighbor has 1 acre and my other neighbor has 1.5. the behind our house all the way to the back in a fence and over then fence is a wild life sanctuary. i. just wondering because there is no fencing between my house and my neighbors house.
I've read the Leghorns go quite a ways sometimes. I think it depends on the chickens, partly. I have seven acres, but it is a narrow and long lot, so I kinda worry about that too. Anybody?
I am on 6 1/2 acres. My chickens will go to the far pasture when the horses are there. Often they follow me when I feed the horses or they are there when I come home from work. They stay near the house til they lay their eggs then go off exploring.

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