How hard is this??? 1/2 out and


10 Years
May 18, 2009
Salcha, Alaska
Im trying not to intervene to help...I can see it and hear it, it has a good strong peep....

So lovely but Im dying to help it out of its shell...

I promise to keep my hands out as I have another 12 eggs that are waiting for a PIP.....I hope I get more than one but Iwould be happy with any survivors....

Let's let nature take its course, but she is so SLOW! Hurry up....I want to see my chick!

Arrgghhh the suspense is killing me...


10 Years
Jun 11, 2009
I know that it is hard to wait, but sit on your hands if you have to!
Seriously, it takes quite a while from the time one starts to pip to zip to outta that shell.
Like you said, there are 12 more in there that have not even pipped yet. And somebody has to be first, right? As long as you can hear good strong solid peeps coming out of there, he's doing his thing, it just takes time. Now if a LONG amount of time passes and no progress and the pips are very weak sounding, he could be in distress, but even then, it's a gamble whether or not to assist. I have been guilty of assisting where I did not help, maybe even hurt things and then also I have assisted where I was able to save a chick who became so weak and was shrinkwrapped in the membrane and could not free itself without help. But I don't think that is where you are right now, you are just anxiously awaiting for the babies to all hatch out.
Just remember, good things come to those that wait!

Best of luck with your hatch!

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