How hard to raise chicks when a hen is broody?

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    Dec 28, 2016
    I have never had a broody hen but have been noticing 1-2 of my hens being quite broody lately and very vocal when I come to get her eggs from her. :p I really don't need extra work right now I have plenty of room for more chickens but don't want to be out there all the time to make sure they are not picking on each other. Will I come into an issue if there are only 2-3 that hatch and will Mama Hen take care of the babies? What potential problems would I have if I let her? I only have one rooster right now and I have 7 hens. Another rooster might not be too troublesome unless he's a bully. :p What do you all think? Thanks for any help!!
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    May 23, 2017
    I have never experienced this personally but have read about it. My opinion of your gonna have the momma raise the babies would be to separate her and the chicks into a separate area where they can still see the rest of the flock, until the babies are older
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    Here is some info
    Usually we move the momma from the coop to a different pen to prevent other hens from taking over the nest or laying eggs in her nest that are out of sync. We give her a few eggs we don't plan to set to get her in the mood of settling down and then move at night with a towel over her head. If she stays on those eggs the next day we remove those eggs and give her the ones we want her to set on.
    Momma will take care of just one baby if that is all that hatches.
    If you get a larger hatch you will have about 1/2 roosters and that will probably be too many for you so you have to think that through. Roosters can be hard to give away, but they make good soup if you are willing to slaughter them.
    There is nothing in the world IMO more delightful than to watch a mother hen raise chicks and for us it is worth all the effort. This vid of our hen Cuti is just a slight taste of the fun of watching a mother hen and chicks. Watching momma and chicks dust bathe together is a joy. Seeing chicks hop on mom another joy. Listening to momma tell her chicks "food", "danger", "come here" and watching her careful attentiveness to their needs makes it all worthwhile to us.

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