How has involving Animal Control generally gone for you?


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Apr 6, 2011
I posted a while back about the neighbors dog that killed one of our chickens and is just in general a total PITA and an darn terrible dog (coming from someone whose favorite breed is this dog)...
We have been slowly constructing a fence to make sure our dog never EVER gets onto their property again, and it hasn't happened since their dog came and killed a chicken and in the meantime we keep our dog leashed or in the other part of the yard at all times...Our dog has NOT gone onto their property since their dog killed our chicken so I feel like we are slowly getting some legs to stand on in that complaint area. We are also building a homemade fence that while can be destroyed by a determined dog it will be enough to stop OUR dog from going onto their property which is the general goal and all that we can afford right now. We just cannot afford Chain link at this time although we will be replacing the fence we are doing now in segments with chain link...

So anyway my question is just this, these people despite us having a fence across the property apparently don't care because the girl was walking her dog up around the fence to get to the path that leads to the backpath (the path is on our property completely and we blocked it with the fence, this girl walked down our driveway and around the fence and up the path.of course I was outside with our dog, the chickens in the coop for a little while because our dog was loose and our dog sees the girl and runs up onto OUR driveway, where her dog proceeds to attack out dog quite viciously until our dog (who is the same size as the other dog) runs away and the girls dog sprints right down to our chicken pen... Thank god they were penned up and the girl grabbed her dog and high tailed it without even turning around to ask if my dog is ok or apologize, she didn't even look at me...

I am furious again and I want to call AC but I don't want to start a huge feud with our neighbors where they end up letting the dog out on purpose to kill our chickens who free range all day.
I called them and asked a few questions but the one AC officer was out and the receptionist was not helpful at all...I really would like to file a complaint simply to have it on file without letting the neighbors know...

So how has AC gone for you if you have filed a complaint or whatever? I have read a lot of horror stories about AC doing nothing but we are not in the country and they are pretty active around here. This dog is going to kill my chickens or my dog or attack my toddler if I don't do something about it. I can't shoot the thing or I would have already, believe. Also they don't let it run loose but apparently even on a leash they are incapable of keeping the thing in control it was leashed and the girl just basically let it go while it attacked my dog.
We usually free range our girls in the afternoon with supervision. This time I let them out early after getting home from church and went into the house to change my clothes and that's when the dogs attacked. Easter Sunday we had two strange dogs in our yard and the female attacked and killed one of our chickens. I chased her home and went back for the other dog but was stopped by a concerned neighbor who saw me advancing on a dog with a huge walking stick and they were concerned about the dog. Anyway, we called AC, they came and saw the dead chicken, gave the owners a warning and left. We later found out that this was their second warning and should have been given a citation instead. Fortunately, the neighbors have since gotten rid of the dogs.
We've had numerous problems here with our neighbors cats. It's been my experience that AC officers are extremely poorly equipped/trained at handling these matters. They are basically only good fro catching stray animals. When the animal is a pet, I've found it more effective to involve an actual police officer (we live in the city), of a sheriff's deputy. Obviously, the dogs would have to come onto your property to get at your chickens, so I'd have them bust your neighbors for violating any local leash laws you probably have. That's the only way we've been able to deal with our neighbors' cats. Unforunately, irresponsible pet owners simply can't be reasoned with. It's definitely not a good situation to be in with your neighbors. We just had to settle on the fact that it was more important to us that we protect our property and chickens than it was to be overly friendly with those particular neighbors. With the addition of a 6' privacy fence that I've since put up, it's an out-of-sight out-of-mind situation now. Best of luck to you.
I've had really good luck with our local AC. I trap the neighbors cats/dogs and place a call to them. They come and get said animal out of my have aheart cage. If the neighbors want said animal, they go get them from the AC facility. If not, well then, no problem for me.
Now when the neighbors bird dog came and killed my chickens, I shot and killed the dog while it was on my property. I placed a call to AC, to the police department and the owner. AC said fine with them, police wanted to know if my gun was secured, I said yes. They came out, no paperwork, no nothing. The owner came, paid for the chickens and picked up the body of the dog. No problem. Easy all the way around. Have not had any other problems since. I guess neighbor knows I mean business and he should take precautions to keep his dogs in their cages.
You mean this girl tresspassed onto YOUR property to get to a path that's ON your property when you blocked the path to it? Sounds to me like you need to cover your butt should anything happen to this tresspassing girl. Call your local police (or whoever can give you the info, IDK who police just come to mind) and ask them what kind of signs you need to put on your property and where/how far apart. Personally I'd also put up a game camera right where she was to get to your path so you have yourself covered there as well. You don't want to get sued because of a disrepectful brat! I don't have much experience with AC so I can't answer your actual question, sorry.
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