How high can they fly?


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8 Years
May 24, 2011
Two questions here:

First, I'm a building a run but am also thinking about letting them free range. I assume I need to clip a wing so they can't fly over our fence. How high can a chicken with a clipped wing fly? (You do only clip one wing right?)

Which leads me into my second: If they can't fly, do I need to rethink my coop in terms of roost and nest box heights? Can they still get to a nest box about 18 inches off the ground? I can build little ladder things for them if necessary.

When some of our white rocks got out my mom was after her with a net and she got caught in the fence trying to fly and she crawled to the very top and flew over,our fence is about 8ft high cause im 6'1
I have some free rangers that fly up 12 ft to roost in trees lol
I only clip 1 wing. They shouldnt be able to get over roughly 4 ft when clipped.
Yes they could get 18 inches to the nest box but I keep walks up to them so theres no issues

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