How high do I need to put my Chicken Nipples?

Uncle Marc

8 Years
Oct 12, 2011
Poplar Grove Kentucky
I am in the final stages of finishing my coop. I have been reading about the watering system that uses a 6 inch pvc pipe with those screw in nipples . But despite my questions on that thread, I've not gotten an answer to this question.

How high off the floor (using deep litter method) should I install the pipe with the nipples in the bottom? Planning on a flock of Barred Rock Hens.
Above the smallest chickens head by about an inch maybe two, but not so high they have to jump to peck the nipple .you want them to have to stretch up and peck them not have to lean over. You want the water to run directly down their throat in a natural drinking position.
I did a nipple system when my chickens were full grown and I would say I put it at 21 inches. I have 24 in of hardware cloth and hung it at the top of that and used a 3 inch pipe so it was about 21 inches off the ground, but I have large and med size fowl. If you have bantams obviously that would not work. There really is not an exact measurement. Go with what you think looks right and what your chickens can reach without jumping. There is no right answer on this ...... do what works for you and your flock. Good luck.
Isn't anyone else gonna ask? How high are a chicken's nipples usually?

Ugh...sorry. Couldn't help it. Musta been the 12-year-old boy in me!

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