How high to hang the nipple waterer

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    I made myself a bucket nipple waterer (3 nipples) and am now wondering if I hang it too high. My chickens just don't seem to like that thing. They peck at it and soon give up. There are holes in the top so the water is flowing when the nipple is pushed, they just don't seem to get it. I hung it just above their head so they have to "look" up to peck at the nipple. Is that too high, should i hang it so it is right in front of their head and not above???? I really want this to work [​IMG]
    Oh, it is the third day now with the nipples ......and they still have their regular waterer outside during the day (freeranging all day).

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    I sound like you have it at a proper height but I think I understood you to say that you still have their water tray available. From what I hear from others and what I have experienced is they will prefer the old way. So if given a choice they will play with the nipples but will drink from the tray. I have two ducks and ten chickens and the chickens still prefer to drink out of the duck's swimming pool. Try taking away their water tray and see if they will get serious about drinking from the nipples.
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    It sounds like you have it at the right height as long as your shortest chicken can reach it. I agree... take their other water away for a day or so and see if they catch on to using the nipples.
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    I had that same problem, [​IMG]my chickens just didn't care or use the new water bucket with the nipples, i was afraid the lack of water for several hours will probably cause a decline in egg production & harm my hens , because Hens are more sensitive to a lack of water more than a lack of feed and one night they only had the nipple drinkers & NEXT DAY they had a drop in eggs ..? gosh ,[​IMG] but we always have a large water dish under the water faucet out in the yard for them & they drink from that wile they free range all day, so its a real worry that they are getting enough water in the hen house , so im leaving the both nipple drinker & the old water dishes in the hen house for as long as it takes , no rush , we also made an automatic feeder at the same time , it works fine , and we fill it like once a week its a 5 gallon bucket for the feed, but the lack of water really worries me, since we live in AZ so what ever it takes to keep our ladies happy & healthy is the main concern, and so im adding electrolytes to their water tonight ! so here below is the food feeder & the nipple water feeder in that square food grade bucket[​IMG][​IMG] next pic is the favorite nest box with golf we have a divided coop,with 5 boxes on each side [​IMG] the big girls are on one side were the barred rocks all sleep together on this platform below , the rest all sleep on branches up near the top of coop about 8 foot up.[​IMG]

    [​IMG] sky lights in the coop roof for the girls. we have a phone & electric in the coop as well, home sweet l[​IMG]
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    Like others have said just take away the old water tray and pretty much force them into using the nipples. They won't die of dehydration. They know where the nipples are and that water comes out so once they get thirsty enough that's where they are headed. My chicks didn't care for the nipple either at first. But I took away their old water dish and they "thought" about using the nipple for about 4 hours. They gave in. Ever since they have been on a nipple. A small one in a Gatorade bottle in the brooder and it's also in the coop for right now since they were just moved out there last week. It serves as their nighttime water for now. Their water source for the run and daytime is a 5gal bucket with three nipples. They will get used to it and will learn to love it. You will definitely love having clean water! I just checked mine a few mins ago and since Thursday its still got plenty of water and it's clean and cool.

    Here's mine
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    I was worried about dehydration in AZ, [​IMG] its a real problem for humans & animals and so at 3:30 am I freaked out and ran down to the hen house in the dark and woke them all [​IMG][​IMG] then i re- placed the old water dishes for them with water & electrolytes , and put them under the new nipple water feeders, that way im thinking , its the same area they get water from and so when we remove the old water dishes in a few days they will go there to look for im hoping [​IMG] but who knows [​IMG]...[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] wrong date, but right hen[​IMG]
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