How hight to set roost.


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Hi everyone, our coop is 4ft by 4ft by 3ft tall. I am almost done with the construction and getting ready to set up the inside and was wondering how high to set the roost. We currently have two Barred Rock chicks and two Partridge Rock chicks. Is there a minimum distance between the roost and ceiling of the coop as a general rule to follow to assure they are comfy.
Higher than your laying boxes =) We have tried several configurations, with the closest to the ceiling being a little over a foot away, and they have found them all acceptable. The biggest concern I can think of when putting them that close to the ceiling though, is one of drafts and venting. If the roost and venting are at a comparable height you could be exposing them to cold drafts in the winter.
I've been wondering the same thing, but wasn't smart enough to ask before DH installed our roost in August. Our coop is 3ft x 6ft with walls that are a piece of 4ft plywood. The roof meets the wall at one side and is about 4" higher on the other side to allow for water runoff and ventilation. Of course the 3ft roost are at the end with maximum ventilation. When the girls (22 weeks old)sit up tall they can look out. They are below it when they sit normally to low. We live 12 miles from the beach in California so have pretty mild winters. There is a second roost about a foot lower. Will the girls know enough to move lower or should we move both roost down. If yes how far should the highest roost be from the venting? I am also considering asking DH to install some shutters so some or all the venting can be block.
My roosts are 12 inches from the ceiling, 36 inches from the floor. The Barred Rock hens and rooster and Rhode Island Red hens all seem happy. They all look out the screened window when settling in for the night.

I would put the roosts no closer than 12 inches from your ceiling vents, and higher than your nest boxes. I put mine at hip height just to make it easy for me and so my hens can use the space beneath. My dh also installed a cleat along the wall behind the roost so the roosts sits on that, during coop cleaning we can remove them easy to give everything a look over for repairs and cleaning. If you have large fowl I would suggest using the 4 inch side of a 2x4 rounded off (sanded), that way during cold weather they can sit over their toes to keep them warm and to prevent frostbite.
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1muttsfan has a point-If you can run 1or 2 long, same height roosts, it's better than the ladder style--everyone fights to see who will get to stay on the highest rung, it's a pecking order thing. But, if you don't have the space to run 1 or 2 roost the same height, then you will have no choice except to use the ladder style.
Thanks everyone...if the roost is 2ft off the ground will the girls need a ramp or ladder to get up and down or will they handle getting up and down ok?
Getting up not a problem, after all they would roost in trees if we would let them. However, make sure there is at least 5 inches of bedding to fly down on, hard landings can cause bumblefoot. You can use flake shavings, pine needles, leaves, chipped bark, hay--straw not so much--those hollow tubes can harbor mites and other critters.

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