how is a chicken tested for say MG, asp, toxoplama, etc? or maybe a head injury?

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    Nov 23, 2013
    is it done thru fecals or blood work?
    cause as I posted that my one gal ( 2 yr old) is falling off the roost and neck twisting esp at tonight took her off the roost and sat her on the clean part of the poop bd on the boot tray... near the other 3. she manages to get on the roost everynite but later I hear a crash... how many times can she fall about 2 feet and hit a plywood wall or pine floor and live? I wish I had a video of it to see how . If she just falls bacward or tries turning around to cause the falling. she seem okay during the day... skinny as heck. I need to weigh all of them and keep track Or falling when she stargazes etc....
    read some old post using vitamin E, selinum etc for neck twisting
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    MG and many others are tested for through blood samples. But the issue you're dealing with sounds like wry neck. Wry neck is generally regarded as a vitamin deficiency, and it can be treated with vitamin E, selenium, thiamine, etc. I find NutriDrench to be ideal for this.

    Falling off the roost and staying with the other birds isn't doing her any favors. You should set up a hospital cage and segregate her. Add NutriDrench or a similar vitamin supplement to her water. Preferably place her on a high protein ration such as a grower or flock raiser feed (18-20% protein, ~1% calcium) and try to minimize treats. Keep in mind that wry neck can take a LONG time to recover from - weeks or even months.

    My guess is you're dealing with wry neck, but treatment for head injuries (other possible cause) is nearly identical - segregate, supplement vitamins, and wait.
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    Nov 23, 2013
    i get Hubby to Nutri drench her again. full strength. If I segerated her she would prob wither away... no one bothers her she still next to top hen...
    I will also give her some scr egg with vitamin b etc in it.
    ALSO if its a vitamin defiency why dont all of them have it? also it suddenly came on....
    I went out there while ago gave them eggshell and a few tiny just picked green beans. she runs up but kind of tilts her head. Hubby thinks she may be partially blind....
    I spend more time with them than he does I am not sure.. will read again about checking their sight.
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    Is she vaccinated for Marek's?


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    Nov 23, 2013
    I dont know. Got the girls from Rural KIng store....I doubt...
    ubby gave oral dose of Tylon to her tonight orallly... >.05 cc
    I think its that aspergillis, or mg, or toxomplasm her symtoms fit so things
    plus she has had respiratory problems long time and loose poo lots of time.
    Hubby lower their portable roost, cut the legs off the sides... I put back in the big rubber floor mat but not the wood chips yet....
    I dont think she fell off tonight.the roost.
    but believe she did last niet but got back on herself.
    heck roost is so low they prob would have to really hunker down to get under the whole was tall enough before for them to walk under...
    now Goldie looks like bumblefoot on bothe feet... I was wondering why I had to coax her to come to the gate etc. she usually ran with the rest of them to gate when I got close...
    wiped the off with warm wtr. then put on that special cream. I told Hubby we should have bandaged her feet then vet wrapped. Like we did Baby Girl a while back.
    You would have though we were commiting a crime way she carries on when handled. Her butt is checked so often now at nite since her Flystrike over a year ago. she "uh" and whines... when walk into coop at night...
    "Tilly's Nest" web site says she soaks her hen,s feet , in Epsom salt, then works on non surgical "kernal " removal for bumblefoot...
    thanks all

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