How is that possible!?

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    Okay, back in Sept. my dad and I built a coop and run for my 4 chickens. [​IMG] I didn't think it would cost that much, but when all was said and done, I know I spent at least $500!!! [​IMG] And the coop is not that big! The run, however is a decent size. (See Pics)
    I've seen so many beautiful, LARGE coops/runs (way bigger than mine) on BYC and some say it only cost them maybe $200-$300!! [​IMG]

    How is that possible!!?? I want a nice, big coop too!!!!! [​IMG] I just got 6 chicks and will need to build another soon. [​IMG]



    (sorry its sideways)
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    I'm asking myself the complete opposite question. How did my coop get so big! I planned on having it 8'X12'. That's pretty much stayed the same. However it was going to be 6' in the front and 4' in the back. Somehow it became 8' in the front and 6.5' in the back. It's huge! I feel like I should be adding a bedroom for them or something.

    We need to mix our coops and come out with two of the right size.
  3. I think alot of people rummage through things to find other uses for stuff..
    Check for free stuff along the road or from friends and family, check free cycle. Sometimes things need to be thought of 'outside the box' of there original use.
    If you can get pallets there is lots of wood right there. It could be used for the coop. Or even auctions/thrift sales. Sometimes people are willing to let things go pretty cheap.

    I know almost everything we have used on the 'farm' is a reuse from the original. We tore down 2 calf barns and used the lumber and rough cut timbers to remake the chicken run.
    If you have anyway to get ahold of the 'county shops' they might have old road signs you can pick up. Those things I think will last forever. We used those for our rabbit run. They make nice covers/protection from the weather.

    There are endless possiblities to what you could use for little or nothing. Sometimes it just takes a little thinking outside the box....
    Best of luck on your next/new coop/run.
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