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Sep 18, 2010
Pine Valley (New Waverly), TX
should it take before the chick starts pecking it's way out? I've got two eggs that have one hole in them that was there yesterday morning, but no activity since. Should I give up on them or is there still hope?
Hmmm.... I have heard it can take anywhere from a couple minutes to over a day. I wouldn't give up on them just yet. How is the humidity? It needs to be high to make the membrane (in the egg) moist and easy for the chicks to peck through. Have you heard any peeping at all? Hope they make it.
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minutes to 48 hours. I usually get antsy around the 12 hour mark and ill pick the egg up and wiggle it a little bit. It gives the chick a "wake up call" to get moving because I'm tired of waiting lol. No but seriously on the 21 day when i was hatching, i had no pips so i picked up each egg and wiggled it slightly and i heard them peeping. A couple hours later they all pipped and zipped their eggs. Try that if you get anxious. It won't hurt them, just do it gently.
I haven't heard much, but, then being nearly deaf, that's not a surprise.
The humidity is around 71 - 79% It's dropped down to 64% when I've taken the dry chicks out, but I haven't done that often.

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