How long after Drake and Hen are together before eggs are fertile?


10 Years
Apr 25, 2009
Merritt Island, FL

My muscovy hen Cocoa has been separated from her mate Rocky for awhile now. Her two babies are 4 weeks old tomorrow and we took Rocky out of the pen right before the eggs hatched. So, they have been apart for just a month, but I am not sure he was mating her when she was broody. So, it's been awhile since they were "together".

Cocoa is now laying eggs again. She has 6 in the nest as of today. I know they are not fertile. My question is how long after we put Rocky back in with her before the eggs become fertile again? We want her to hatch out some more ducklings, so we are going to put Rocky back in with her probably either later today, when I can be home to watch and make sure he doesn't hurt the month old ducklings, or tomorrow when I will be home all day. I thought I should probably take a few of the non-fertile eggs away and mark the ones I leave. Then she will continue to lay until she has "enough" eggs. Last time it was about 16 eggs. I just need to know when they might start being fertile so we can estimate how many might hatch.


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