How long after molting will egg production. Resume?

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    I have 12 hens, 1 rooster all went through molting about 2 months ago. Iabout 3 weeks ago, I was getting 1 egg a day. For the last 2 weeks, nothing. Anyone have thoughts on what's going on? Thanks!

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    How old are these birds and what breed(s)? If they are finishing up a full blown molt I would guess they are at least 18 months old? If they've stopped laying after finishing that molt I would suspect it's because of their winter break, the decrease in daylight hours. They need roughly 14 hours of daylight to be in full production; unless they are one of the few really good winter laying breeds.
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    I agree. When we had Australorps,Orpingtons and Speckled Sussex they went through full molt in the fall and did not resume laying until the next spring. The Australorps never did really get back to a good production rate and they were only 18 months old.

    Our Buff Brahmas on the other hand,are winter laying machines! When the cold weather hits they kick into overdrive and still lay well through the 90* plus summer here in Kentucky.
  4. Hens of unsure pedigree usually begin to lay when daylight is about 12-to 13 hours long. Consult a calender with daylight hours on it or add artificial light.

    The molt is hard on some breeds and not so hard on others. When your hens' heads reddens up like a ripe strawberry and she starts singing, eggs are not far behind.
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