How long before feathers can grow back?


11 Years
Jul 18, 2008
Fountain, Florida
Hi there! I have 2 different 13 week olds that have been plucked by the big girls that are 23 weeks old. Happened really quick for like no reason. It is a white frizzle hen and a polish roo that have been plucked. The poor little frizzle has a bare bottom and my polish roo has no white fluff on his head anymore
I tried to reintroduce them back to the flock and everything was fine and then I noticed they are still getting plucked. There are no huge battles just plucking. SO I guess my question is....Do the chickens have to be fully feathered to go back to the flock and if so how long will it take???? I just seperated them today.



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11 Years
Sep 27, 2008
HI, the feathers will completely be back to normal in about 60 days although they should be grown back enough in 30 days to return them back into the rest of your flock. If it’s an inconvenience to keep them separated, buy (no peck) from Jeffers pet supply. You can order on line. It works
Try feeding your chickens a higher protein feed, because eating feathers are what chickens do when they lack protein in there diet.

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