How long before I have to put them in the bator?


10 Years
Apr 7, 2009
I have a lady giving me some eggs. Possibly the 28th, then I'm buying some eggs possibly the 6th. Can I wait till the sixth to put all the eggs in the bator?
They should be fine. If the eggs you are buying on the 6th have been shipped, then you need to wait until the 7th to allow them to rest and regroup from the travel.
No.. Put them in on the sixth.... They will be fine.
Edited to add: Remember that a hen will lay eggs as long as a week or two until she has as many as she wants to hatch. So, the week you are proposing will not be an issue provided they are kept out of extreme heat or cold.
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Will regular 70 degree temp be okay? or do I need to find a cooler place for them to be? My house temp is 70 but my laundry room is probably 65.
I believe they say 55-60 degrees, My house is the same way I just set them on the floor in the laundry room that way it was closer to the 60. You should also tilt the egg carton to change the position twice a day while waiting to put them in the bator. GOOD LUCK!

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