how long before peace in coop of 2 hens?


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Sep 9, 2014
Please help! not sure what to do==long story short- my first ever hen was found by the local shelter employee wandering around the city.... she only has her bottom half of her beak. I decided to keep her but felt strongly she needed a friend. I got a new hen about the same size put them beside each other in wire dog cages--no problem--my hen seemed happy---the other hen was of course a bit stressed by being taken out of her flock. then, since there was no apparent problems, a few hours later I put them together in a new 4 x 8 foot run neither had been in before. they scuffled briefly and it seemed ok--but now 24 hours later, the new hen seems to be still picking on my rescue hen --pulled feathers but so far no blood--should I just leave them or do I need to separate them? should I send the new hen back home? thanks for any advice!
Separate them for at least a week. Your side by side initial introduction is excellent, but it needs to be longer than a few hours. If your run is secure, put one hen in the run and the other in a dog cage in the run (with food and water of course). It can take a few days for them to become acquainted. After a week, let them together again and watch to see no blood is drawn. They'll still have to establish "pecking order" but it should be less severe and shorter duration.

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