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  1. I got 6 new hens almost two weeks ago. One silkie started laying right away, one black EE mix laid one egg next day. Other four haven't laid at all. I was told all chicks were 6-9 months old and were all laying.. How long is time frame normally to start laying in a new home?
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    It depends on the individuals. Try to remove as much stress as possible and they'll start up sooner. Try not to handle them or have too much interaction till they get used to the new digs. Sometimes a stress like that could cause a molt in which case it could be quite a while before they lay. If the birds were all flockmates before, that can help. What are the other breeds?

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  3. The others are 3 RSL and 3 tetras. The new ones are settling in. I get an egg from one new silkie and the black EE mix every other day. I am ignoring them and the two regular size ones are starting to check me out when i go to coop as the regular ones always run to me when they see me coming. The small bantam size ones are keeping their distance. I'm in no rush- was just curious.
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    Sometimes the stress of a move will cause a hen to stop laying temporarily. Make them as comfortable as possible and let them get settled in and they should start laying again before long.
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    Well,new hens need arranging first.Get to know them better and so they get more trust worthy.New hens do this play to me ALL the time.Are these your first flock?Do you have already there hens?
  6. I have an existing flock and I added 6 more to the 6 i had. I'm in no rush as my original 6 are laying . They are settling in and everyone is getting along better
  7. New hens stopped laying, only 2 were. One new hen is molting. The buff silkie stopped laying. The two small EE haven't laid yet not are their combs red at all . The black hen lays every now and then . Its ok, my original gens are laying so i dont mind

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