How long between pip and zip? Getting worried!!!! ***UPDATE***HATCHING


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May 15, 2009
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At about 9:30 last night 3 of my silkie eggs were starting to pip. It looked like they were just barely cracking through the shell. This morning one of them had pipped enough that I could see the color of the baby; the other two look EXACTLY the same. I heard peeping around 5 am a few times although it sounded a little weak to me. Since that time there has been no change at all. How long does it take from pip to zip to hatch? When should I start worrying?BTW today is day 20.

ONE IS HATCHED!!!! He's just laying there and not doing anything. He was chirping like crazy when he 1st came out but not anymore. Of course I was not home to see it but I called home and could hear him. Is he just tired or could something be wrong? Do I pull the vent plug? Still have others in there that have pipped. BTW this is one of them that was not doing anything...the one with the biggest pip has not changed at all.
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Good luck!

LALADY, Don't worry I woke up to three pips too,And I keep running over to my incubator to see if they have made it any further,LOL.
Good Luck with your babies....
Congratulations on your first hatch! When the chicks are first out of the egg its normal for them to be very tired, they actually almost look dead sometimes.
They work very hard for a long times to get out of the egg, so it is normal for them to look tired/weak at first. With in a short time after resting, they will start to move around a bit.

My Frizzles are due to hatch today, one was pipped last night and I couldn't sleep cause I kept going to the incubator to check on them...LOL. Even though I have done this many times before, I am still a nervous new mommy each time! This morning 2 were hatched out and 2 more were pipped, so I'm still pacing. I have 10 Frizzle due today.

Good luck with your new babies!
Heavens if this isn't the truth or what?! I cannot tell you how many times a egg has *finally hatched* & I've thought "OMG look at it there's something wrong with it" or thought it was dying. & then when you least expect it they pick themselves up & turn into what looks like the Tasmanian devil and start playing feild hockey with the rest of the eggs. And then once again drop where they are....

keep the bator closed the vents should now be open.
I now have 3 little silkie babies hatched!!
It looks like 3 more are pipping. When can I move the babies to the brooder? I'm hoping it's not too hot and humid (64%) in there for them...every now and then they look like they're gasping for breath.

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