How long can a broody hen be off of her nest?

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May 2, 2015
My broody's eggs are on day 9. Last night I moved her nest to a portable nest box. My dad lets them out at 4-4:30 am. When I got home at 4:00 pm she was in her original nest and the eggs were cold. Will the eggs still hatch after a maximum of 12 hours off the nest? I don't know when she got off and switched nests. I have already had to cull 5 eggs for not developing or a cracked shell. There are only three eggs left. I really want them to hatch. Please help!
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Your best bet is to give the hen some fresh fertile eggs. It is doubtful that the three are still viable. After brooding only 9 days she will easily brood the extra time to hatch fresh eggs.
I candled the eggs and I saw a little movement so they might still be alive. I have heard of eggs that were off the nest for longer than mine and still got a good hatch rate.
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