How long can a hen stay broody before beginning to sit on a clutch?


5 Years
Nov 12, 2017
Northwest New Jersey
Good grief. I believe Eggsmerelda has gone broody!!! She’s flat in the middle nest with her hackles up and screeching at anyone that looks at her sideways! Why now?! I waited on her all spring! I finally wanted her broody! She is a truly viciously serious broody that I’ve never allowed to remain broody. Now I have to toss all eggs because the flock was given their final dose of Valbazen last night!!! Doris is still in the broody area with her littles but I’ve been planning to release them all to the flock in about 10 days. My understanding is that I must toss “Valbazen eggs” for 2 weeks.
Is 10 days too soon to allow incubation? Will Eggie still be broody? If she is will it be too late to let her run the entire incubation course?
I love her name! lol

When my russian orloff went broody she was determined to remain broody even though i kicked her out of the nest. I only managed to break her after I put her in a broody cage.... she was broody without sitting on anything for an entire month!

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