How long can chicken age in Salt brine- please answer ASAP!


12 Years
Feb 23, 2011
Baker City, Oregon
Ok- So I have a question... We butchered/processed 18-19 chickens yesterday late afternoon/early evening. I have 8 of them in buckets of salt water brine- do I need to pull them out tonight and rinse and dry them and repackage for aging in the fridge for another 24 hrs? Thanks!
I used 1/2 cup to gallon of water and soaked them in ice brine for three days. At least until the legs and wings moved freely. I them tookI replaced the brined daily. On the third day i took them out and rinsed them and placed them on a towel to dry for about 30 minutes and then vaccum packed them. Either whole or cut up. They all turned out great. Tender as can be. I do the same process for older birds too. I always age in ice brine. It soak out some of the remaining blood and I don't have refrigerator space for that many birds. I usually do 20 -30 at a time. I now have a sustainable flock - so its on going
I age them in salt brine until their legs move freely, in the refrigerator. But then I don't do very many at a time so I have space to do that. They will be fine in salt brine up to 3 days as long as the temp is below about 45 degrees F and never gets higher. Some of my older ones have taken that long before getting over rigor mortis.
Thanks for all the advice! We wrapped (vacuum sealed!) all the chickens and the ducks on Monday afternoon. They probably could have aged a little longer (they were in there for around 40hrs), but scheduling was such that we needed to get them done. I can't wait to taste test!
I am very happy to have my OWN meat in our freezer now!! And now, the planning for next year begins!!!

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