How long can stay in brooder?


9 Years
May 26, 2010
Can I keep 4 chicks (1 bantam, 1 buff orp., 1 red sex link, 1 americauna) in a brooder that is wire cage/plastic bottom for 2 months? The brooder is 1.5 feet x 3 feet. Its sort of my only option right now...

The first & only time I raised chicks, I didn't know any better, and thought the chicks couldn't go out to the coop until they were the same size as the hens. I had them in the house for 6 months, in a dog crate, sometimes running around.

Imp- now only buys POL pullets and hens.
Um ... 2 months is a little long. I had 4 chicks in a space that was 2'x3'. They were DEFINITLY ready for the outside at around 6 weeks. Because they grow so fast, I would suggest building the coop FIRST, then buying your chicks. Trust me on this one!
I have 5 EEs and they started in a rubbermade container about that size. It was pretty outgrown by 2wks. I had to build them a bigger brooder that is 4' long x 2' x 2'. They are much happier now, especially since they have room to go up and I put two roosts in there. They can run, flap their wings and play ninja with eachother. I will hopefully get them to 6wks in there before I move them outside.
I've got three 7 week olds in the bottom of a dog crate that's about 24" X 18", but they are out in a pen most of the day and only sleep in there. I'm going to have to put the top back on soon, though, as they are getting too tall for the bottom with a screen across the top! They will have to live with that until they are big enough to integrate with the year old gang.

I think if I didn't have the outside pen I'd want them out - they don't have any room to play in there anymore. It's astounding to think I had 11 of them in there when they were day olds!

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