How long can they last without water


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Jul 6, 2021
I am currently switching to nipple waterers, as their water gets shavings and poop inside the dish too much.
I have younger chicks a week old use the nipples. However it took them about 5 hrs to understand how to use it.

How long do adult quail last without water? Cause i was told to remove all water sources but these old ones haven’t learned how to use them in the last 10 hrs. So i had to give them the normal waterer.
I would push the nipples every now and then so there would be a drop of fresh water there. They will come over and grab the fresh water, and by pecking at it, release more. They will learn pretty quickly. As soon as the first one gets it and is getting water on its own, the rest will learn from that one.

How long they can go without water really depends on how hot it is. If the weather is cool, they can go for a day, (but I wouldn't let them go for more than half a day). If it's hot, I wouldn't leave them without water at all. Put ice in the reservoir for the nipple waterer, and they'll prefer that over the warm water in their pen, but still have enough to keep them alive.

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