how long can they stay in incubator?


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So my saga has brought me three chicks. 2 that pipped and hatched pretty close together, and a third that pipped as the others were drying. Its been 24 hours for the first two and they are dry. The newbie hatched overnight and is drying but not dry. My thought is/was to move them all to the brooder together but that means leaving the first two in the incubator for probably 36 hours +/- They had already absorbed the yolk completley when they hatched so I am unsure if 36 hours is too long to go without food. could I dip their beaks in some water and then put them back with the drying one? Do i move him to the brooder and let him dry there? Uggggg


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You can go ahead and move them all, or move the first two and give the last one a little more time.

I usually start moving them as soon as they are up and moving around. If they seem sluggish, I give them a little more time in the incubator. This could be anywhere from less than an hour after hatching to 24 hours. I don't think I've ever left one more than 24 hours.
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