How long can Tylan be given?


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Oct 11, 2010
How long can Tylan be given?I have seen 1 to 3 day's.Can it be given longer?I had some pretty sick chicken's.I have given them shots for 3 day's now and still have some coughing going on.They have eletro. and vitamin water.Any advice ??????????
I'm new to this too, but this is the advice BYC Member Brunty_Farms gave me yesterday regarding Tylan 50:

"Inject 1/2 cc per bird in the breast three days in a row. This along with vitamins will help them overcome their CRD/ MG (respiratory infection) outbreak. Should take about 5 days before you notice the sneezing subside but birds will act better right away."

See original post here:

Hope that helps!

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