How long did it take for your BA's and EE's to lay?


8 Years
Apr 22, 2011
Springfield, GA
I have 3 Black Austerlorps and they were 19 weeks yesterday 2 of them have really red combs and wattles one still has a black comb and no wattles. I can not wait I have one girl a Delaware that started laying about 2 weeks ago....I want more eggs and I am hoping it will be soon. So if you have BA's when did they start laying? My other 3 pullets are Easter Eggers they are about 18 weeks and I am impatiently awaiting my first blue egg. If you have EE's how old were thay when they started laying?
A.T. Hagan :

All of my started in the 19-21 week range.

You're the second person I've met online from Springfield, Ga. That little town is growing.

Effingham county is one of the fastest growing counties in the state of Georgia.​
I shouldnt be posting since my EE's have started laying yet.. But soon im hoping
Afraid i can't help much. My BA and EE 's are 21 weeks and are not laying, neither are my Brahama, RIR or wyndottes,,,,all the same age. I did get one egg last friday but from who?? it was a very small beige colored egg. Maybe from one of my BA but do not know.
I have an EE that started laying at 18 weeks. Now - 20 weeks. My Black Australorpe (same age) is still not laying. She doesn't act much like she's getting close yet either. I'm not sure.

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