How long do chickens grieve/ stress?


11 Years
Aug 1, 2008
I had two hens that were very close. They hatched together, and for over a year, they were a flock of two. They went broody together this spring, shared a clutch of eggs, and co-raised the chicks. They were never apart.

About a week and a half or two weeks ago, a raccoon attacked the flock, and of course the one that was killed was one of this pair.
The two had just started laying again. Naturally, the whole flock was freaked out and unsettled for a few days afterwards, then seemed to settle down and be OK. But the remaining Mama Hen (as we called them) stopped laying after the attack and hasn't started back up again. I'm assuming it's because she's upset, but how long would that generally last in a chicken? How long is normal? Behaviorally, she seems fine; spends her days free-ranging the backyard, scratching and pecking, dustbathing, all the normal things. She has taken over care of all the chicks (NOT that they still need it at 3 months-- starting to realize where the expression 'Mother Hen' comes from). She's eating just fine. Everything except laying eggs.



8 Years
Dec 2, 2012
It might be shock from the attack. Last spring my chickens were attacked by raccoons, and I didn't get eggs for a little over a week after that. If she is still eating and drinking, I wouldn't worry too much. If she stops eating and sits on the roosts all day every day, then you know there is a problem.

Im so sorry for the loss of your hen. :hugs

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